The Nowina Toolkit is a collection of components that ease the development of PureMVC application. A lot of theses components are application of simple patterns.

More than a Toolkit, this framework presents some interresting patterns that you can reuse in your project. The source code is aimed to be readable.


The developper should review all the components available for knowing 'how' and especially 'when' using them. An overview of the components is available in the overview.html section.

The scope of this page is to give you (the developper) an overview of wich component to use for a specified usage.

Create a Command

  • If you have to create a Command that need to change the model, the ProxyCommand is for you.

Create a Proxy

The CollectionProxy and MutableCollectionProxy is a specialized form of Proxy that can wrap a remote ArrayCollection. If your application need a Proxy to access an remote list, this can accelerate a lot your development.

Create a View Component

PureMVC argue that you can reuse your Mediator. This is the subject of the ListMediator that can help you to wire a list view component with an CollectionProxy.

The MutualBinding can synchronize the property of an object to a Flex Component. It simplify the creation of view component. The Responder are useful when you interact with a RemoteService.